Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Another 45

There was beautiful sunshine this afternoon and I went out for a walk along River Sheaf. I decided to do another 45. This is the result:

Photos taken betwen 15.00 and 15.45 on the 10th of October 2016 along the River Sheaf Walk.
A little different than the city centre version:

I wanted to try and do a 45 in another setting than the city centre, thinking there would be a lot less objects to photograph so more of a challenge. But it actually wasn't harder at all, rather the opposite. I was struggling to choose between what to pick whenever I stopped for a photo.

The picture of the flag bothers me, I really wanted to get the whole flag as it had a picture of a torn Yorkshire rose on it. Nearly cheated here and took more pictures. But this is the one I got. The wind did not cooperate with me.

For more 45 photos, check this new blog out!



Monica said...

Very interesting indeed! And very beautiful pictures! I will try to do it myself:-)

Steel City Anna said...

Mum: would be lovely to see :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Steel City Anna,

You've come up with another great set of shots that work well together. I know roughly the area these were taken. I have photographed the hands sculpture but you've captured something unique with the shafts of sunlight. The autumn leaves are nice and also act as a time reference for the time of year they were taken. I know what you mean about the flag and the wind. With 45 and no second chances the timing of a shot can be affected by the weather or someone walking into shot. Having said that I actually like the flag photo and the lack of information leaves you wondering quite what such a tattered flag is all about! 'My Fathers Heart' is a place I saw a few weeks ago and was intrigued by the name. Your shot is given a lot of drama with the wonderful cloud cover. It is a memorable company name and you've made it into a great photo. I won't spoil the romance of the image by saying what the company do...! All in all it looks like you had a rather rewarding 45 minutes. Am I OK to post this one on Forty Five?
(And a note to Monica.... Pleased to read you might give it a go. If you do your own 45 then do consider sharing them either on 45 or with a comment and a link to where the images can be seen. Most of all have fun on your own 45.)
Best wishes
Mr Cafe

Steel City Anna said...

Mr Cafe: thanks for your nice comment and trying to make me feel better about the flag photo, but I think it will bug me for a long time yet :) will have to go back there some time and have another go. But I like that there are no second chances in 45. It gives the opportunity of something new.

Yes, you can post this one as well if you want to! I have still got the original pictures as well if you would prefer them. I hope there will be many more entries, it is really nice to scroll through your new blog now. Each entry is like a little time capsule.

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

I hadn't thought of each 45 being a time capsule but now that you have said it I very much like the thought that that is one of the things they are!
I didn't make the comments on the flag simply to make you feel better. I genuinely like the image as part of the set. In the context of 45 those images that don't quite capture the moments we intended are as important as the ones that do :-)
I have posted Another 45 on Forty Five along with your words. I like that you add a few thoughts about your experience so I hope it is OK to have used them as well.
I have linked back to your site.
Best wishes
Mr Cafe

Steel City Anna said...

Mr Cafe: yes, feel free to use the notes as well :) you are right, the viewers don't know the intentions behind and may see something else that you may not have realised was in the picture when you took it. When you take a set as well that brings something new when you see the photos together.